Angry Birds on Google Chrome Browser Free

Rovio’s ridiculously popular Angry Birds game is now available for free on the Google Chrome store, removing yet another barrier from it reaching every person with an electronic device–you can now play it anywhere you have Internet access on a machine that will run Google Chrome.

The game’s move to Chrome was jointly driven by Google as they seek to showcase the browser’s speed (which has grown with each update). The game is expected to run at 60 frames per second on modern computers, and can be played offline thanks to local caching and other storage features of the browser. Better yet, Chrome users will get a level pack called the Chrome Dimension unique to the platform. While the game is free, there will be in-app purchases (like the mighty eagle, which allows you to skip levels).

Browser-based gaming is nothing new, but it may be seeing a boost in popularity as browsers like Chrome are improved and concepts like cloud-computing take hold. Launching the game in an outdated Chrome browser provides an experience that is still pretty faithful to the iPad with a few laggy sections. An updated Chrome browser provides a lag-free experience, and the game seems easier thanks to the additional precision afforded by a mouse (rather than giant fingers on a touch-screen).

Angry Birds To Nest On Consoles With A Focus On Multiplayer

Angry Birds reached unprecedented success after its release on December 9, 2009 on Apple’s various i-devices, and since has crossed over to many other platforms to reach towards maximum market penetration. The strategy has paid off big time for Finland-based Rovio, and the company has remained flexible (and successful) with each iteration by offering paid downloads, ad-supported models, and regular updates that continually add value and reinvigorate interest in the birds’ struggle against the pigs.

For anyone who has seen the Angry Birds level-building process in action, you know that the level-editing tools are incredibly simple, and even a complete newcomer could build a usable level in minutes. When you couple that with incredibly simple gameplay that even infants can understand (and maybe most importantly, experience success with) and deep market penetration, you have a revolutionary title whose impact will be felt for years to come. Well, that, and tens of millions of dollars.

Do you run Google Chrome? Will you be checking out Rovio’s latest angry offering?

Source: VentureBeat, mocoNews