Angry Birds Augmented Reality Game Coming to Magic Leap

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Rovio has unveiled the first augmented reality iteration of its Angry Birds franchise, appropriately named Angry Birds FPS: First Person Shooter. Of course, it's a bit of a unique take on the FPS genre, as gamers will take control of the infamous slingshot present in previous games and complete various physic puzzles. However, to play this game, the gamer will need to own Magic Leap's latest AR headset, which retails for $2,300.

While that price may seem extravagant for some, it remains a step forward for augmented reality gaming. The aforementioned Angry Birds game, which we included on our list of games/franchises that need an AR title, is unique, crispy, and delivers an entirely immersive expense.

In this game, instead of using fingers to fling the birds, gamers will take control of the slingshot itself. Rovio collaborated with Resolution Games to perfect these mechanics in augmented reality, which gives it a really immersive experience. After all, it seems like the gamer is literally shooting angry birds in a first-person, three-dimensional perspective. Check out the official trailer below:

Immersion in AR and VR is a huge factor, and it appears this game will deliver on that front. When approaching the augmented physics puzzles, pigs can and will make noises and faces at the player, as if to taunt its would-be destroyer. Controlling the slingshot is also very simple, further increasing that level of immersion.

More than that, however, Rovio's creative director Sami Ronkainen revealed that the game could be set up on a table or on the floor. It would also be possible to bounce birds off a wall or chair in order to make a unique trick shot. As exciting as this is though, players need to temper their expectations because the title does not yet have a concrete release date.

Angry Birds FPS: First Person Shooter is in development for the Magic Leap AR headset.

Source: Engadget

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