Angry Birds Surpasses 500 Million Downloads

Angry Birds 500 Million Downloads

There’s no denying that Angry Birds is a popular game. After having invaded the pop culture zeitgeist back in 2009, the title has spawned toys, parodies, and just recently a slew of Angry Birds Halloween costumes.

But just how popular is the “little” downloadable title that could? According to Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, a man whose not afraid to toot his own horn, the game has now been downloaded some 500 million times for all of its relevant devices (iPhone, Android, PC, etc…).

That means that in less than two years (Angry Birds launched in December of 2009) the game has managed to achieve a number that no game has ever been capable of. But Rovio and Angry Birds aren’t stopping at 500 million downloads — their new goal is 1 billion.

It might seem like everyone you know plays or has played Angry Birds, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be interested in picking up an Angry Birds offshoot or re-downloading the game because new seasonal levels have been made available. Rovio unfortunately didn’t make any note of repeat downloads, perhaps for Angry Birds Halloween or what have you, but we imagine that number is significantly bolstered by gamers like that.

Regardless, Angry Birds is a behemoth of a downloadable title, one that has paved the way for a new facet of mobile gaming that we have yet to see. Sure, the downloadable space has been around, and publishers like Microsoft and Sony have found ways to capitalize in the console arena, but mobile games are clearly where it’s at.

But it isn’t just small disposable games like Angry Birds that are invading the mobile game space; much more detailed and exciting games like Infinity Blade have made their mark as well.

We can’t wait to see where Angry Birds goes in the future, and how strong of a lasting impression it will make on both the downloadable and mobile game market.

Do you think that Angry Birds is losing steam or will continue to gain ground past 500 million downloads? Which title do you cite as being the next Angry Birds?

Source: Reuters

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