Angry Birds Set to Slingshot onto the 3DS

Angry Birds is Coming to 3DS

Angry Birds is aiming to take over every console currently on the market. Rovio has currently released the game on iPhone, Mac, Android, and PSN, but they also plan to eventually unleash the beast known as Angry Birds on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Live Arcade.

Lucky enough for everyone, Rovio isn't just looking to bring their smash-hit to current consoles but future ones as well. That's why they've announced their plans to bring Angry Birds to the Nintendo 3DS.

This news comes straight from Rovio via a tweet posted responding to a curious follower who questioned Rovio if they would be releasing Angry Birds on the Wii and DS. They simply responded saying "Wii and 3DS later in the year."

More info was released that confirmed Angry Birds would not be a retail release for the 3DS, but will instead be available for download as a 3DSWare title. Of course it would be silly to only have one version of the hit game available for download, and that's why Rovio will allegedly be launching all three versions on the 3D handheld. That's right, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and the new Angry Birds Rio movie tie-in will all be available as 3DSWare!

Presumably, the only downside to these releases (other than the fact that they've likely been played to death) is that they will not utilize the 3DS's main draw — the 3D. It's highly unlikely that Rovio is able to add 3D effects and port all three of the games over as fast as they plan to, but it's not 100% ruled out for the time being. It's a mild bummer, but certainly not one that will steer anyone away from purchasing the games. The games don't even really stand to benefit much from 3D unless they bump the characters into the 3rd dimension, so don't get too down in the dumps.

Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio plans to launch all three versions of Angry Birds on the 3DS sometime “later in the year.” The 3DS eShop won't be launching until late May, but we should expect Rovio's Angry Birds to be among one of the first titles available on the store's virtual shelves.

Would you buy Angry Birds on your 3DS? Do you think all three versions of the series will be in 3D?

Source: 3DS Focus (via VG247)

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