Anarchy Reigns Trailers Characters Durga and Garuda Revealed

Though initially thought to be a standalone title, Anarchy Reigns has pretty much been established as a sequel to MadWorld. If the appearances of MadWorld characters, like the protagonist Jack Cayman, or the revamped final boss Blacker Baron, weren’t enough proof – the Anarchy Reigns story trailer provides some hard evidence.

But while there are a number of characters from MadWorld who could return, there is still plenty of room for new faces to appear. Platinum Games agrees and has released trailers that introduce two new additions to the game.

The first character is named Durga, a very feral looking fellow with a mechanical leg. A mechanical leg that just happens to have a large revolver in it. Naturally, a good chunk of his fighting involves use of the aforementioned leg/revolver combo – combining wild, yet surprisingly graceful, kicks with explosive gunshots.

He also has a tail, for some reason – probably to further push the whole “wild animal” theme of his character.

Check out Durga’s Anarchy Reigns trailer below:


The other new face is a Transformer named Garuda. Seriously, a Transformer. Garuda is a large robot who can turn into a jet plane – flying around and smashing anyone who gets in his way. He also has a special weapon called the “Tornado Drill,” two long barrel-like extensions that come out of his arms that let him…well, drill into his enemies – or rip them in half.

He has a decidedly non-robotic voice, though.

Check out Garuda’s Anarchy Reigns trailer below:


Both of these new additions mesh well with the cast of Anarchy Reigns, oddly enough. The overall theme of cool robotic characters is clearly prevalent here – and so long as the character looks cool and can cause some damage, they’re a natural fit. It only further proves that, much like MadWorld, this won’t be a game to take too seriously – just let your mind go and have fun with it.

Still, there are a number of characters who could appear. Will we see Jack’s counterpart Kojack? How about the ludicrously pumped-up sumo wrestler Yokozuna? Or maybe we’ll finally see the commentators make a return?

Who else would you like to see return in Anarchy Reigns? What other types of characters would you like to see used?

Anarchy Reigns comes out in January 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.