New 'Anarchy Reigns' Trailer Introduces Gamers to Zero

Anarchy Reigns Zero Vignette Trailer

Platinum Games has once again ventured into new territory, bringing along their signature style and crazy characters, for Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan). The game had a few fans scratching their heads at first, but now looks to be a logical progression from Platinum's previous work. As was hinted at before, Anarchy Reigns looks to be a multiplayer fighting game that focuses on melee combat.

This first look at the game in action, as brief as it is, seems to hint that players will essentially be running around a given area, and tasked with eliminating opponents in any way possible. Though we knew of one character that was joining the fold in Anarchy Reigns, Platinum and SEGA have just revealed a second character that gamers will be able to select for their online combat.

Named Zero, the dual kitana wielding ninja is outfitted in a suit that is very reminiscent of MDK, but still carries the visual style of Platinum. Joining Zero are his faithful companions Onimaru and Juzumaru, his Japanese kitanas. Fighting similar to Bayonetta, minus the handguns, Zero is all about getting his opponent vertical and making quick work of them.

Meet the dual-wielding ninja Zero:


Known for their crazy storylines and characters, Platinum Games is sure to have a ton of new and inventive fighters for players to choose from. While early indications seemed to suggest that the chainsaw-wielding Jack from MadWorld was not going to be playable in Anarchy Reigns, from the looks of the trailer, he appears to be one of the fighters that can be selected, or at least an opponent.

Beyond this brief tease there hasn’t been much revealed in regards to Anarchy Reigns besides its dubbing as a “massively multiplayer beat-em-up.” Most gamers might have been a bit perplexed by Platinum’s decision to completely step out of their comfort zone and go for something a little bit different, but it appears that Anarchy Reigns carries on the interesting visual style and over-the-top action that the developer is known for.

It might be some time before gamers get a clear look at Anarchy Reigns, considering the amount of development time that goes into an online experience, but this brief tease is enough to convince fans of the developer that they have nothing to worry about.

What do you think of this first look at Anarchy Reigns in action? Which of Platinum Games’ other zany characters do you hope makes an appearance in the title?

Anarchy Reigns is set for release this fall on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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