New 'Anarchy Reigns' Trailer Reveals Action Triggered Events

The upcoming Sega creation known as Anarchy Reigns seems to be under the radar for the most part, but it probably shouldn't be. The sort-of sequel to the Wii exclusive MadWorld looks like no other game on the market today, with wild brawling between multiple players, but without any of the expected conventions of a fighting game or a beat-em-up. It essentially looks to continue the insanity its predecessor began, and seems to be on the right track.

Those of you who enjoyed MadWorld would've probably been fine with just getting to play a similar game with multiple people, but a new trailer shows off a feature that looks to mix things up a bit. The feature has been referred to as Action Triggered Events (ATE), and they can change the outcome of a battle completely. The trailer doesn't explain how, when, or why these events happen, but it definitely shows off all the damage they can do.

To say the least, the effects are devastating. One player could be easily dominating the fight, but if they aren't prepared for a huge tsunami to come in and wash them away, they'll quickly find themselves on the losing end.


In addition to the announcement of these events that can cause such wide-spread destruction, Sega also announced that the game would incorporate a vast amount of multiplayer modes, including Tag Team and Battle Royal. While this still doesn't explain just what exactly the game is about, or its relation to the pseudo-predecessor MadWorld, it does show that the game's main focus will be on multiplayer, promising a very fun and unique experience for all craving some craziness.

Platinum Games is certainly no stranger to over-the-top insanity. In addition to MadWorld, the company is also responsible for the creation of the Devil May Cry-esque title Bayonetta and the rocket-sliding shooter Vanquish. Even though Anarchy Reigns borrows heavily from MadWorld, the inclusion of its protagonist Jack was still something of a surprise. Perhaps the inclusion of Bayonetta herself isn't an impossibility.

What do you think of the Action Triggered Events? What are your theories on how they're activated? Do you think Bayonetta should be included as a bonus character?

Anarchy Reigns is coming out this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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