When making a game like Anarchy Reigns, one that focuses on purely chaotic multiplayer fighting mayhem, a developer would typically put most of their efforts into developing the gameplay, as that would be the key selling point. But it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to just drop all the characters into an arena and have them go at it. There has to be some reason behind the characters’ actions, even if it’s one you shouldn’t think about too much. Well, thankfully, there is a story to Platinum Games’ upcoming Anarchy Reigns, but if the trailer is anything to go by, you probably shouldn’t expect much.

Not that the story depicted in the new Anarchy Reigns trailer looks like a bad one or anything, but it simply doesn’t look like there’s much of a story at all. The trailer mentions that the game takes place in the city of Altambra, and that there’s some sort of race between a group of bounty hunters and the Bureau of Public Safety’s Elite One unit to track down one individual, who may be the one named “Maximilian” later on.

Both Jack Cayman, the main character of Anarchy Reigns‘ predecessor MadWorld, and Leonhardt Victorion, a new character who appears to be a rival of sorts to Jack, are featured in the trailer and both of them are after this “Maximilian” for their own reasons. It should also be clarified that Leonhardt has no connection with Leonardo from MadWorld, despite initial belief that they were one and the same. Jack also appears to have some grief to deal with, as he was seen standing in front of someone’s grave. Who that is however, is still a mystery.

Judge for yourself by watching the trailer below.


In addition to the two featured characters, Sasha makes an appearance as well, along with another, unnamed character. They both appear to have similar technology to Leonhardt, meaning that they could be working under the same group – Possibly this “Elite One” unit going against the bounty hunters, which Jack is most likely a part of. This is supported by the fact that the unnamed characters was supposedly looking for Jack.

One thing the Anarchy Reigns story trailer does confirm however, is that the game will be releasing in January of 2012, which hadn’t been officially confirmed by Sega or Platinum Games until this point. Hopefully this means the brand-new fighting system will be perfected before the beat ’em up game is released.

Did the trailer give enough information about just what’s going on?

Anarchy Reigns will be released in January 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.