If you’re looking for wild, over-the-top, just plain ridiculous action-oriented games, then Platinum Games are the guys to go to. Games such as¬†Bayonetta and MadWorld are prime examples of just what the company is known for and naturally their newest project,¬†Anarchy Reigns, looks to continue that trend.¬†Unfortunately, if you’ve been looking forward to this potential sleeper hit, you may have to wait a bit longer.

The Japanese site for Anarchy Reigns (known there as Max Anarchy) recently changed the game’s release date, pushing it further back. Initially thought to be coming in the fall of this year, it’s now set to release in January 2012 date. Beyond this change in date, no new information or reason behind the change was given. Sega has yet to make any comments on the matter, so for the most part, gamers are left in the dark.

It should be noted that this may only be for the Japanese version of the game. With so little information given, it could just mean that the one version of the game may take longer to release. Still, there is the chance that we won’t be seeing this until the beginning of next year, which is obviously a slight disappointment.

One has to wonder just what caused the game to be delayed. Is there more that needs to be added to give a full experience? More characters, perhaps? Maybe Platinum wants to include a character from one of their established titles? We already know the protagonist of MadWorld, Jack, will be appearing in the game. However, Anarchy Reigns is supposed to be a spiritual successor to the title, so that’s to be expected.

Considering the game is supposed to offer a unique combination of fighting games and 3D beat-em-ups, a delay due to polishing the game mechanics is to be expected. Sticking to a pre-determined genre can be hard enough as it is, especially while simultaneously trying to stand out from the pack. Creating a new genre altogether is an entirely different story. As we repeatedly say here at Game Rant, developers are always welcome and encouraged to take the time needed to get the game done right.

Source: Andriasang