If there’s one bit of praise that can be directed at Anarchy Reigns, it’s the creativity that goes into its characters. When your cast includes a super-strong dominatrix, a walking 70s pimp stereotype, and a tiger-man with a gun in his leg, it’s clear that a lot of thought goes into each design.

The latest addition to the game’s roster only further proves that, although the folks at Platinum Games may have taken one or more cues from the Batman series with this one.

Meet Oinkie, a rather…rotund fellow who certainly fits his name – his pinkish skin and unique face making him look very pig-like. Don’t let his appearance fool you, however. He’s actually quite agile, able to keep up with the rest of the cast when worse comes to worse.

Not only that, but he’s quite proficient in martial arts, using what appears to be karate to pound his foes into oblivion. It also helps that he can curl into a ball and steamroll over them if he needs to.

That’s not all he’s capable of, though. Thanks to a special attachment on his back, he can use a strange green substance known as “The Juice” to power himself up. As a result, he mutates into a green reptilian mutant, much stronger and faster than he was before. This is where the Batman comparisons come in, as the tubing and strange liquid are clearly taken from Bane, but the reptilian design of his powered-up form looks more like Killer Croc. Granted, neither Bane nor Killer Croc can move as fast as Oinkie can. Nor have they chopped a monster in half with their bare hands.

The following trailer shows the portly powerhouse in action. Have a look and make your own judgements.


Anarchy Reigns is very quickly proving to be one of the more unique games in development right now. With no real limit in mind as to how many characters could appear in the title, we could see even stranger characters debut in the future. Just as long as those commentators from MadWorld return.

Who do you think should appear in Anarchy Reigns? How many characters do you think will be in it?

Anarchy Reigns comes out January 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.