'Anarchy Reigns' Mathilda Trailer and Screens

Anarchy Reigns Blacker Baron Trailer Screens

Anarchy Reigns looks to be nothing like a typical video game. Forgoing the traditional aspects of a beat-em-up, it looks to just throw a bunch of players into a pit and let them fight to the death, in some strange neo-gladitorial sense. A number of strange and bizarre characters have been revealed for the game already, and the newest addition, a woman by the name of Mathilda, looks to continue that trend.

Those of you who played Anarchy Reigns's spiritual successor, MadWorld, may recognize Mathilda as the silent assistant to the host of the bloody free-for-all, the Black Baron. You may also remember her for spontaneously killing the Black Baron in every level of the game. While this certainly displayed the sheer insanity of the game to perfection, it did raise a few questions. The Black Baron was eventually revealed as the final boss of the game (minor spoilers!), and he was certainly no pushover for the players. So, if this woman could kill the hardest boss in the game multiple times without any effort, one can only wonder just how powerful she is.

If the images released are any indication, she is very powerful, almost freakishly so. Have a look for yourselves.

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If that isn't enough to convince you of Mathilda's insane power, a trailer was released alongside the images to showcase more of Mathilda's strength. Just the fact that she can wield that large spiked club alone should be enough, but the fact that she can pick up Jack just by the head is just madness.


Mathilda, along with Zero, Sasha and Big Bull, and of course Jack, are all the characters revealed so far. If any future characters can match or surpass the madness personified in these five, Anarchy Reigns could easily be recognized as the most chaotic game of this year, and one to keep your eyes open for.

Are you looking forward to the unique mix of fighting games and beat-em-ups? Can this game come close to the craziness that MadWorld had? Is there a chance the Black Baron could be revealed as a future character?

Anarchy Reigns is coming out this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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