'Anarchy Reigns' Trailer Whistles Its Way Into Action

Anarchy Reigns Whistling Gameplay Trailer

Despite the numerous looks we've had at Anarchy Reigns, the latest project from Platinum Games, it's hard to get a solid idea of what to expect. Gameplay is one thing, but merely seeing the game's combat just gives an idea of the mechanics, not the style or personality. Luckily the latest gameplay trailer shows that the game's developers are anything but lost where the game's attitude is concerned.

It only took a look at the character trailer for Big Bull to prove that the personifications of Platinum's madness would be worth the price of purchase, but over-the-top character design does not always make a quality experience.

Aside from giving even more of a look at the insane attacks players will be able to unleash, the latest trailer brings a cinematic feel to the project.

Have no fear adrenaline junkies, as there's still plenty of high-octane brutality to enjoy. Commence whistling:


The art style of Anarchy alone shows that Platinum hasn't strayed too far from its Bayonetta roots, and the fighter known only as Zero will look familiar to the Vanquish fans out there. The fact that Jack's double-bladed chainsaw is featured in the opening moments should come as a confirmation that they'll be bringing the same graphic adult content we've seen in the past.

MadWorld proved that this studio had a unique take on combat and violence, so some fans may have been disappointed to see the polished and tech-focused approach to Vanquish, their most recent release. From the minute of gameplay we've seen to this point, over-the-top combat seems to be favored, so Jack should be right at home.

The trailer may put the game's cast of characters alongside one another, but the action paints a different picture. We don't know whether the footage of the main characters going toe-to-toe is a look at PvP gameplay, or a hint that the characters will be appearing in the single player section of the game.

Whatever the case, when an electrically-charged-katana wielding ninja faces off against a dual-chainsaw-slinging bodybuilder, you know good things are going to happen.

So now that this latest trailer has literally and figuratively worked in all the previous games Platinum has worked on, could SEGA reap the benefits of their most successful game yet?

We'll find out when the sparks hit the horns, as Anarchy Reigns will be making its way to the Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall.

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