Anarchy Reigns has the potential to be a sleeper hit this year in gaming, what with its unique style of gameplay that really doesn’t fit into any definitive category. It appears to be an attempt at expanding the gameplay from its predecessor MadWorld into a multiplayer game – an ambitious project to say the least. It doesn’t hurt that the character roster so far is a wide assortment of interesting faces both old and new, not the least of which is the protagonist from fellow Platinum Games title Bayonetta.

With the game’s release getting nearer and nearer, Platinum Games and Sega decided to unveil three more characters that will be appearing in Anarchy Reigns – all of which seem to be related to each other in some way. They are the trio of Fei Rin, Rin Rin, and Ai Rin.

In addition to the images below, new gameplay trailers were released showcasing just what the characters were and what they can do.

Fei Rin appears to be the eldest of the triumvirate, as well as the most sensual and, if the lyrics of her song are anything to go by, the most egotistical. Her weapon of choice is a spear that projects ice, similar to her fellow character Sasha, but at least she adds her own unique… erm, “style” to it.


Rin Rin is the second of the trio, and is actually a returning character from MadWorld – she appeared as one of the many bosses that Jack Cayman had to contend with throughout the course of the game. She brings her familiar war fans with her, though now they have the added danger of being able to shoot flames while they slice their victims up.


Ai Rin is the youngest, and by extension, the most childish – if her throwing a tantrum and breaking a game controller is any indication of that. With her oversized, lightning-shooting nunchuks, her yellow outfit and her loud whoops and shouts, she appears to be the newest in video gaming’s long tradition of paying homage to martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Nothing wrong with that, of course.


What do you think of the newest additions to Anarchy Reigns?

Anarchy Reigns arrives on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on July 3, 2012.

Source: Famitsu (via Andriasang)