'Anarchy Reigns' Blacker Baron Trailer and Screens

Anarchy Reigns Blacker Baron Trailer Screens

We have a cyber ninja that looks very much like Grey Fox of Metal Gear fame, a literal ice queen, a man dressed in full bull-like armor with a giant hammer, the protagonist of Anarchy Reigns' spiritual predecessor, MadWorld, and a freakishly strong femme fatale. Now, the newest character for the chaotic fighter that is Anarchy Reigns has been revealed to be the hilariously offensive stereotypical pimp, the Blacker Baron.

Much like Jack and Mathilda, the Blacker Baron is a character from MadWorld, bringing the number of characters from the Wii-exclusive bloodfest to three. (Four if you were to count Big Bull, who may be based on the miniboss from the first level.)

The Blacker Baron took the role of host of the chaotic games from the last title, known as DeathWatch. He would often appear before a "Bloodbath Challenge" and explain the rules of said challenge, which usually amounted to "throw this many guys into this device of death and destruction." He would then be used as a demonstration by his assistant, Mathilda. The fact that he died every time and kept coming back was a perfect example of the game's efforts to not take itself seriously.

Players will also remember Blacker Baron as the final boss of said game, and he earned the title of hardest boss with flying colors. He looks to hold onto that title as best as he can in this game, if the screens and trailer showing him off are any indication. See for yourself.

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Not only has he gained some muscle mass since last time, he also has some shiny new gauntlets to compliment his boxing prowess. He uses these to great effect in his trailer, demolishing his many enemies with his "Super Sexy Fists Of Fire," as he calls them.


With all of these MadWorld characters appearing one after the other in this game, we may be seeing others make appearances. Maybe Jack's evil counterpart Kojack? Or how about the Frankenstein Monster ripoff that is Frank? But the ultimate addition would be the commentators to add to the dark hilarity. That would be the sweetest icing to put on this bloody cake.

What characters do you want to see make appearances in this game? Feel free to answer in the comment section below.

Anarchy Reigns is coming out this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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