Amouranth is Now the Fastest Growing Twitch Streamer After Ban

Amouranth is now officially the fastest growing Twitch streamer following her ban. The streamer was banned from Twitch following an NSFW wardrobe mishap that violated its policies about sexual or suggestive content.

Stats from SullyGnome reveal that in the last seven days, Amouranth has gained 410,568 followers, which takes her follower count to 1,489,177. The second fastest growing channel is auronplays, who gained just 107,339 followers in the same timeframe and the third fastest growing is Fitz, who gained 46,722. It also puts Amouranth ahead of NickEh30, a popular YouTuber who has gained hundreds of thousands of followers since moving to Twitch. In the last seven days, NickEh30 gained 41,594.

The controversy surrounding her ban hasn't made Amouranth one of the top 10 most popular Twitch streamers and she'll need a few more hundreds of thousands of followers before she gets on the list, but the growth has been huge. On Twitter, the streamer said that "This banning drama has made me more relevant that everything I've ever done combined," also calling popular Twitch community subreddit livestreamfail the "MVP."

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This is exactly the sort of thing that Twitch will have hoped to have avoided by banning Amouranth. Bans and the Twitch strike system, which permanently bans a channel after its third temporary ban, are designed to deter people from violating the rules. Other streamers who have seen the ban and the backlash around it do wonders for Amouranth's fame and her follower her count may try to court controversy by performing NSFW stunts on purpose.

The ban has also put more light onto Twitch and how it enforces its rule about sexual and suggestive content. Twitch has also given a ban to Street Fighter cosplayer quqco who didn't accidentally show her genitals like Amouranth but was banned for the same amount of time. While there are also cases to be made against not banning anyone for more risque cosplays or accidental nudity, many don't understand why they were banned for three days when the issues aren't the same.

Twitch also handed out a warning to a fitness streamer for wearing workout clothes and an artist was banned for making inappropriate drawings. All of this has made people question Twitch's approach to moderation, how it defines sexual and suggestive content, and whether it's time for the rules to be changed.

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