Twitch Streamer Amouranth Banned After Wardrobe Mishap

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Twitch streamer Amouranth has been banned from the platform after some accidental NSFW content was shown on one of her ASMR streams.

Amouranth is a popular ASMR content streamer, but Twitch recently banned her account after a recent stream. During it, Amouranth's shorts slipped down, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties, accidentally breaking Twitch's Terms of Service by having nudity on the channel.

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ASMR, also known as autonomous sensory meridian response, is a type of noise that calms listeners down and helps them relax. ASMR streams have become popular on Twitch for their soothing factors, and Amouranth is one of these streamers that regularly posts ASMR videos.

During an ASMR stream, Amouranth was petting her dog and encouraging it to come closer to her microphone, presumably for some ASMR sound effects. However, when she sits up, her shorts slip down, revealing that she's not wearing any underwear and essentially flashing her audience. While the clip is now taken down on Twitch, reposts of the video have made the rounds on Reddit, and it's clear that this was an accident, and Amouranth did not mean to flash her ASMR viewers.

Twitch has since made Amouranth's channel inactive, a common indicator that she has been banned from the platform. Her wardrobe malfunction technically breaks Twitch's TOS, which forbids any obscene or sexual content due to the site's viewership. However, all TOS violations on Twitch are subject to review, and an official punishment will eventually be ruled upon. In Amouranth's cases, it seems likely that Twitch will only rule on a temporary ban for her account, letting her come back to the platform soon.

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This harsh standing on Twitch seems a little overblown, but there is a precedent for this sort of quick ban for lewd content, intentional or not. Four Korean models were banned while streaming on Twitch, assumedly because the content seemed sexually provocative. While they were quickly unbanned following fan backlash, it's clear that Twitch is quick to take down content that might be seen as provocative. While Amouranth is also a NSFW cosplayer, her cosplay is kept to other platforms, such as Instagram.

On top of this, Twitch even accidentally promoted porn on Ninja's inactive channel after he left for Mixer. Surely, something as minor as a wardrobe mishap will not net Amouranth a heavy punishment, and she'll be back online with more ASMR videos soon.

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