Amnesia Collection Available Now on Switch

It's been nearly 10 years since Amnesia: The Dark Descent released and made big waves in the horror scene: the game's ominous atmosphere drew in fans like moths to a light, with the title's puzzle-based gameplay and downright horrific enemies providing memorable scares to those who dared play it. The game inspired two sequels that were developed by The Chinese Room, and now all three Amnesia titles are available in a single package called Amnesia: Collection for the Nintendo Switch.

The franchise's new home on Nintendo's portable console will give Switch owners an opportunity to dive into one of the best horror experiences of all time, though it isn't the first console to host the franchise. The Amnesia: Collection was brought to the Xbox One roughly a year ago, with PlayStation users having access to the collection back in 2016. While Nintendo is far from the first console producer to get the three-title package, the fact that gamers can now put on a pair of headphones and play Amnesia during their daily commute is sure to lead to some interesting jump-scare moments that weren't possible before.

The collection of Amnesia titles will run gamers $29.99, essentially meaning each Amnesia title is 10 bucks apiece. The original, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is the one that made big waves after release, with YouTubers, streamers, and horror enthusiasts alike all being drawn to the horrific first-person horror experience. The collection also includes Amnesia: Justine, which forces gamers into an unforgiving story regarding altruism and egoism, and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, which involves several interlocking storylines with a new cast of characters.

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With the series being home to one of the scariest gaming monsters of all time, the Amnesia collection is a nice treat for fans of the horror genre. The ability have it on a portable console will allow gamers to get scared in a whole new host of locations - and, as the trailer shows, in completely inappropriate ones.

After the massive success of Amnesia, Frictional Games went on to release a psychological horror game called SOMA. The horror title explored what it really meant to have a soul as gamers witnessed the potential end of mankind itself, with the title being well-received from fans and critics alike. The developers have kept their next projects under wraps for the time being.

For now, bringing Amnesia to Nintendo's portable console will allow the iconic series to reach an even wider audience. It's already available for download, so gamers who want to dive in to Amnesia only need to open up the Nintendo eShop to start their journey.

Amnesia: Collection is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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