'Amnesia' Website Teases Possible Sequel

amnesia 2

2010's Amnesia: The Dark Descent struck fear into the heart of anyone who had the courage to play it - and was held in high regard as one of the most horrific games of the decade.

The game was developed by Frictional Games - made famous by their survival-horror series Penumbra. Until recently, not much has been heard from Frictional Games regarding Amnesia or the possibility that fans would ever get a sequel.

Last year, Thomas Grip, lead programmer at Frictional Games, stated that the team was developing an "Amnesia-related project." Though nothing further came of the announcement.

That is until yesterday, when a website called was discovered by Joystiq - featuring nothing more than the following image:

The Amnesia logo coupled with the words "Something is emerging" all but spells out that a sequel is in the works. The clues do not stop there, though. The image is actually a link - directed to a Google Maps search result page for China. Could this be a hint that the sequel will take place in China?

One last clue indicates that the domain information also includes This website contains a grey background with a light grey box with the words "I'm a work in progress, currently not playable." Also, near the bottom of the page is a timer that constantly counts upward beginning at the moment the site is first visited. The Dark Swarm could be the title of the new Amnesia sequel - but it could be little more than another clue at this point. Evidence shows that second option is most likely - because the website was registered in 2007 and last updated in September 2011.

Ranters, what do you want to see from the sequel to one of the scariest games of all time? Could recent news be proof that a new Amnesia title is in the works?

We'll keep you updated on further developments and official announcements regarding Amnesia 2.

Source: Joystiq

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