Amazon Selling The Division for $30


Tom Clancy's The Division is now on sale for $30 from Amazon, making it a great buy for gamers who have been debating picking up the record-setting game.

It’s no secret that Tom Clancy’s The Division has struggled substantially over the last few months. After setting a day one sales record for Ubisoft and breaking the gaming industry first week sales record for a new IP, The Division started on a downhill ride that hasn’t ended quite yet.

So it comes as no surprise that The Division can now be found on sale for $30 at Amazon. For today only, Amazon is running the special sale for the physical version of The Division on all platforms. This is the lowest price the game has seen since it launched in early March.

While the endgame of The Division is currently in shambles, the initial campaign and leveling experience is still positive and highly praised by gamers and critics alike. In fact, since it can take well over 30 hours just to complete the initial story and progression to level cap, the new price is certainly worth a consideration.


Additionally, the team at Massive is hard at work repairing its game, with the hopes of releasing a substantial number of fixes in October with the game’s next update. That means there’s plenty of time for new players to experience the action-packed cover-based shooter campaign, and reach endgame around the time the fixes are expected to drop.

It’s also worth mentioning that while The Division’s PvP arena, The Dark Zone, is causing player frustration for those at level 30, players who enter The Dark Zone at earlier levels are still enjoying the experience. With that in mind, gamers who have been debating picking up The Division can do so at a great price and take their time experiencing much of what the game has to offer without the issues that currently plague the endgame.

While a significant amount of the player base has long since left The Division for other games, there are many veterans still actively fighting on the barren streets of New York City. There are also a good number of past players who are looking forward to the upcoming changes with the hopes that Massive will be able to correct the ship and bring The Division back to its former glory.


We’ll note that the first DLC for The Division, dubbed The Underground, has already dropped and provides an added co-op and solo player experience for those players who reach the level cap. While the Underground itself is in need of a few tweaks, Massive recently implemented some changes that have been appreciated by The Division community thus far.

What do you think of the sale Amazon is running for The Division? Are you planning to pick the game up?

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Amazon

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