Amazon Switch Game Sale Offers Big Discounts

Yesterday, Nintendo released its pure handheld version of the Switch called the Switch Lite. The latest console is a watered-down version of the Switch original, dropping some key features of the original console in favor of gaming on the go.

For those who already own a Switch, or just recently purchased the Switch Lite, Amazon is offering amazing deals on select Switch games. The retailer is offering up to 50% off in savings for both first and third-party Switch titles. Square Enix's Octopath Traveler is currently available for $45.99, which is 23% off of its list price of $59.99. The game went on to become one of 2018's best selling titles and Square Enix announced that Octopath Traveler will get a console sequel and a mobile prequel soon.

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Other Switch games that are discounted on Amazon include:

Nintendo Switch Lite

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime users are eligible to get a 1-year Nintendo Switch Online subscription for free. To the uninitiated, the Nintendo Switch Online service gives players access to online multiplayer, cloud saving, and a library of free NES and SNES games. A 1-year subscription typically goes for $60, which is why Amazon Prime members who recently purchased a Switch should grab this deal before it ends on September 24.

Lastly, GameStop's Pro Day Sale is currently offering a generous trade-in deal that would allow players to get the Nintendo Switch for basically nothing. The deal requires players to trade-in either an iPhone 7+, Samsung Galaxy 9, or an iPad Pro to get $300 trade credits, or up to $420 for an iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S10, or iPad Pro 3. The Nintendo Switch goes for $299 for the original upgraded version, so it's a good deal and only lasts through September 22nd.

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