Amazon PS4 Game Sale Offers Some Big Discounts

amazon sale

Amazon has discounted many of last year’s big games to under $20 including Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War. Gamers who have missed out on any of 2018’s biggest games will likely find some bargains in this Amazon sale, as many of these games still retail for full price on the Playstation Store, and probably won’t drop below $30 any time soon.

First off is Marvel’s Spider-Man which came out late last year and got great reviews. It’s odd to see the price on it reduced to $20 already. The game takes a new spin on Peter Parker that offers a fun twist on his story and differs from both the films and the comics. 2018’s God of War, a triumphant return for the series that won a ton of awards, also only costs $20 right now. The game sees the return of Kratos, now with a son, and swaps out the Greek setting for an intimate adventure across a few nordic realms.

Those who have fallen behind on Destiny 2 and have extra time to catch up before the upcoming Shadowkeep Expansion, which got delayed until October, can pick up the Forsaken Legendary Collection for only $20. This collection includes everything released since the launch of Destiny 2 with hundreds of hours of gameplay to keep players busy.

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amazon sale

Amazon Video Game Deals August 2019

God of War ($20)

Marvel's Spider-Man ($20)

Mega Man 11 ($16)

Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition ($20)

Fallout 76 ($16)

Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection ($20)

Darksiders 3 ($20)

The Walking Dead: The Final Season ($20)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider ($20)

Monster Hunter World ($20)

Sega Genesis Classics ($19)

Horizon Zero Dawn ($20)

Devil May Cry 5 ($40)

Days Gone ($37)

Other than some of 2018's best games, the Amazon sale also includes some games from this year, although they will run slightly more than $20. Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and Days Gone have all dropped to the $40 price range.

Playstation fans can also pick up a few more classic gems from the most recent generation. Monster Hunter World’s upcoming Iceborne expansion is set to change the game when it releases, with Amazon selling the base game for $20. Last year’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider will run $20. And for those who somehow still haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn, they can get the complete edition, which includes the DLC expansion, for only $20.

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