Becoming an Amazon Prime subscriber was once a very solid choice for gamers looking for some good bargains on video games. For starters, the online retailer’s service offered up an extremely tempting 20% discount on new game releases and pre-orders. However, it now seems as though this perk has been removed for Amazon Prime subscribers.

This will certainly come as a disappointment to Prime subscribers who were used to having that 20% discount when they purchased new releases through Amazon. After all, this was a major pull for the service when the initial discount scheme was first announced in January of last year.

At the very least, Prime users can still utilize the 20% discount for pre-orders, so the entirety of the perk has not quite disappeared. Nonetheless, a pre-order discount does not really compare with the ability to get a discount on games within two weeks of their release date.

amazon prime 20 percent discount new games preorders subscription

In particular, this means that Amazon Prime subscribers may have to take a gamble on pre-ordering a game they are interested in, rather than seeing what reviews and word of mouth say upon release. As such, using this discount to best effect could see gamers taking something of a leap of faith when it comes to new games, rather than the safer approach that could be used while the 20% discount for new games was in effect. In the end, then, Amazon Prime users might be feeling a little fed up with only the launch day delivery and pre-order discount at hand.

This isn’t the only time that Amazon has managed to disappoint gamers, although one other example firmly fell in the favor of Prime subscribers. There was criticism from video game fans when it was discovered that Amazon was restricting certain video game sales to Prime members, for instance, although it’s perhaps more disappointing that those who pay extra for the Prime service are having the benefits cut.

Whether this impacts on the number of Amazon Prime subscribers remains to be seen. However, with competitor packages such as Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked offering up some enticing deals of their own, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some Prime users jumping ship.

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