Amazon announces a new bonus for members of its Prime subscription service that might entice more than a few gamers into shelling out for the premium offering.

The online shipping and retail giant announced the service earlier today, indicating that it would offer a 20 percent discount on all video game pre-orders and new releases for its Prime subscribers. Amazon already represents a huge portion of online video game purchases and carries a strong influence in determining which video games are best sellers in the holiday season, and the new Prime bonus appears to be an effort to solidify the company’s role and reputation within the video game industry.

According to Amazon, the “new release” window is defined as any day within the first two weeks after a game’s launch, and the deal will only be valid for physical copies. While that doesn’t apply to package deals like console bundles, it does include special editions, which might help gamers get the discount they’re looking for on the more expensive video game special edition releases available. Customers won’t see the discount until checkout, and the 20 percent off is only for the list price and does not include any previously existing sale price.

Essentially, however, the offering is a noticeable discount on new games that wasn’t there before. Amazon is also applying the deal to all existing Prime member pre-orders, a move likely driven equally as a gesture of good faith and a preliminary measure taken to avoid a wave of cancellations and re-orders so that members could acquire the valuable discount.

It’s been a while since the online retailer made video game headlines, as things have been relatively quiet for the company since Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million a year and a half ago. Still, Amazon has maintained a healthy interest in video games for quite some time now, and it’s no surprise to see the company appeal to gamers’ wallets and loyalties once more after it was revealed Amazon is creating its own PC game. While details regarding that game are still scarce, creating a healthy relationship with the video game community can only make the game’s eventual release smoother.

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That relationship should continue to improve on its already amiable nature, too, as the new Prime discount appears to be a permanent new addition to the subscription-based service and not just a limited time offer to spark interest from gamers after the holiday rush. The timing couldn’t be better for video game fans, either, as there is already a long list of most anticipated games in 2016 that will likely continue to expand as more announcements are made in the coming months. For those who were already going to pre-order 5 new games this year, the 20 percent off deal represents a sixth new game as virtually free – and if there’s one thing gamers love, its new, free content to explore.

Is the new addition to the Prime subscription service enough to convince you to give Amazon your money? Will this service help Amazon compete with the beloved Steam shopping experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Amazon (via Polygon)

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