Amazon Prime Subscribers Can Get a Year of Nintendo Switch Online Free

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Amazon is often at the forefront of the gaming industry because it owns the streaming service Twitch and runs sales on video games so often. In fact, the current on-going Amazon video game sale discounts popular shooters up to 50% off, but there are other benefits associated with Amazon and video games, namely a way to get up to 1 year of Nintendo Switch Online for free.

This comes at a good time for Nintendo fans as well, as the big N just added 20 classic SNES Games to the service, including everything from Super Mario World to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Typically, a subscription to NSO runs around $4/month or $20/year, but those who subscribe to Amazon can skip those fees. As many know, Amazon Prime comes with Twitch Prime (whether it's used or not), which is the trick to getting Nintendo Switch Online for free.

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Twitch Prime users will simply need to sign in where it will offer players 3 months of free Nintendo Switch Online, but it doesn't end there. After 60 days (or roughly two months), players can sign in via the same process and claim another 9 months, stacking both offers to get a full year of NSO absolutely free. Sign in and claim this Nintendo Switch Online subscription here. Better act quick, though, as the first offer for 3 months expires on September 24, and the second offer will expire on January 22, 2020.

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The only catch likely seems to be that players will need to keep Amazon Prime active for at least the first three months, as once the offer is claimed, it doesn't seem it could be taken. Of course, this is only conjecture, but considering the number of bonuses associated with Amazon and Twitch Prime, it doesn't seem likely anyone will cancel quickly anyway.

Perhaps what's best about this offer is how it applies to everyone. With such offers, it's normal for it to be offered to new players instead of older ones, as such is the case with the Xbox Live Gold $1 offers. Yet this applies to anyone and everyone, regardless of subscription length, meaning those who have recently already bought a year of Nintendo Switch Online can take advantage of this offer to claim another year free.

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