Update: Amazon Prime Day is now live! Check below for all the top pick video game deals, including Xbox One bundles with free bonuses valued over $140!

Starting midnight pacific time tonight (at 3AM ET), Amazon’s Prime Day will go live. For those uninitiated, July 12 will mark Amazon’s “Biggest Sale Ever” Event, with a full day of thousands of lightning deals – with most of the popular discounts exclusive only to Prime members only (don’t have Prime? check below on how to grab it for free during this sales event).

For gamers looking out for video game deals on Amazon Prime Day, we would honestly suggest keeping expectation in check. If 2015’s Amazon Prime Day was anything to go by, your high expectation may be quickly dashed, given Prime Day was also infamously noted as “America’s Garage Sale Day.”

Having said that, we’re expecting Amazon to shore up their deals this year – with extra attention on video game deals on Prime Day simply due to the volume involved. Check back tomorrow for all the goodies which we’ll list below (or it’ll be updated with a brand new fresh post, depending on how volume-tastic the deals are).

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Prime Day Video Game Deals

Video Game Deals


Update 7/12: Above is our current top pick video game deals as of this morning now that Prime Day deals are now live. Selections are unsurprisingly sparse but Amazon is running some very hot Xbox One bundle deals as of writing 🙂

Prime Day Sneak Peek

Amazon is currently running a pre-Prime Day deal and if you’re not looking for headphones, fitness tracker, or health products – you can safely ignore these deals below. But this kind of gives you a glimpse into what to expect tomorrow as the deals will be ginormous in variety as we expect to see thousands of things “on sale” – check back tomorrow as we’ll round up the best video game deals on Amazon’s Prime Day.

Products to Look Out For

  • Xbox One Bundles
  • Alienware Alpha
  • PlayStation 4 Bundles
  • Assortment of Xbox One games
  • Assortment of PlayStation 4 games
  • Light amount of Nintendo titles
  • Random Steam games for cheap (Sega published titles)

If we simply look back at Amazon Prime 2015’s offerings, the deals in video game categories were surprisingly sparse. The top pick game deal at the time (which sold out within 40 minutes), were Dell’s relatively successful Alienware Alpha base model selling for $389.99 (with the Core i3-4130T and 4GB of RAM). We expect this deal to return with better pricing as Dell is still producing the Steam machine – and as far as we know, it is still being sold at a moderate pace, so we’re expecting Amazon to offload some units for cheap.

For the Xbox One, last year’s Prime Day deal had a 1TB Xbox One with Halo Master Chief Collection plus a free copy of Borderlands and 1-year Xbox Live Gold for $400. This year, with the Xbox One bundle deals going out of control, we expect $279 for 500GB bundles and $299 for 1TB bundles with 2-3 additional games thrown in for good measure given the Xbox One S is less than a month away. If Amazon decides to tack in a free 12-month subscription of Xbox Live Gold, we wouldn’t be surprise either.

On the PlayStation 4 side, things were rather mild with only one PS4 bundle being offered last year (and it was quickly sold out). Like the 1TB unit above, Amazon had thrown in a free additional game with 1 years worth of PS Plus for free at a small savings of $40. We’re hoping for 2016, Amazon will offer more aggressive PlayStation 4 deals on Prime Day.

PC gamers should expect some decent pricing on select titles, particular those from Sega and 2K Games. Last year, Amazon had an assortment of Sega published titles such as Valkyria Chronicles (Steam port) along with those SEGA Gensis classic packs for cheap. We’re expecting a similar return later tomorrow.

Act Fast as Bulk of Deals are Lightning Deals

If you spot a good deal tomorrow (before we get our complete roundup going), act fast and secure your order. We’d suggest setting up 1-click shopping so you can checkout fast, or queue the items before stock runs out. The popular deals disappear as fast as 30 minutes, and we’re expecting no less this year on headliner deals (video games or not).

Most popular Prime Day deals will be Lightning Deals along with “Gold Box” Deals, so for those unfamiliar with Amazon prime, these usually last only a few hours. You’ll need to click fast to “claim” a deal, and generally you have 15 minutes to checkout before your claim expires. Latecomers will have ability to join a “waitlist” but we generally don’t expect much from the waitlist if you’re too deep in the queue.


30 Day Trial Worth it for Prime Day?

If you’re 100% you’ll be picking up a new HDTV, laptop, or game console during Prime Day – you might as well sign up for an Amazon Prime 30-day trial while the offer is available (then setup your payment account, enable one-click shopping etc.).

If you’re thinking of only window shopping, we would actually still recommend considering Prime given Amazon now offer 20% off new games, similar to Best Buy’s popular Gamers Club Unlocked perk. The free trial is relatively easy to cancel as you won’t need to call-in, but the best part is if you’re a student, you can snag a 6-months freebie to test out the service.

We’ll find out in t-minus 7 hours or so as we discover the first batch of Prime Day deals. Here’s hoping its less of a dud and more of a killing sale, particular in video game deals.

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