Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced the date and time for its PlayStation E3 2018 press conference, confirming that the likes of such PlayStation 4-only titles as Death Stranding, The Last of Us: Part 2, and more will be on display at the event. With this being the case, plenty of fans will surely want to secure a copy of these and other platform-specific games online before their respective launches. However, one major retailer, Amazon, currently isn’t offering pre-orders for certain PS4 exclusives.

As of writing, a glance at the Amazon product pages for upcoming Sony first-party titles such as Spider-Man, Detroit: Become HumanDays Gone, and the aforementioned Death Stranding are all listed as “currently unavailable” for pre-order through the online retailer. Without a doubt, this is surely frustrating for lots of fans. This is likely most concerning to those who already reserved copies of certain PlayStation 4 exclusives before this happened, for the details pages remain empty even though the purchase is visible in one’s order history, which is definitely disquieting for many.

As it so happens, this problem seems to only apply to PlayStation 4 exclusives, as pages for unreleased multi-platform games that were just recently announced like Shadow of the Tomb Raider have their pre-order functionalities in full working order. Unfortunately, there’s no word from either Sony or Amazon as to why certain first-party PS4 titles’ pre-order pages are specifically displaying “currently unavailable” on the retailer’s website.

Interestingly enough, gaming fans noticed this change occurring on Amazon around the time of God of War‘s release, as pre-orders for the title were closed in the days leading up to the action-adventure epic’s launch. Should there be some sort of conflict between Sony and Amazon, one can only hope that it’s resolved sooner rather than later, as many players will be hoping to secure copies of their favorite PS4 exclusives through the site as soon as possible.

Source: Amazon, Eurogamer