Amazon Germany Lists Xbox 360 4 GB Arcade System Bundle

Xbox 360 4 GB Arcade System Bundle

As we previously reported, in addition to the redesigned Xbox 360 currently available at retail for $299.99, Microsoft intends to offer a $199.99 Xbox 360 this fall. Now, hot off Amazon's German website, comes possible new information about the impending console.

First spotted this morning, the Xbox 360 4 GB Arcade System Bundle was listed at €148.99 ($189), with a release date scheduled for August 20th, 2010. The listing has since been changed, and both pricing and release date information have been removed. However, the unit still appears on the site, with the message "Log on, to be notified by mail-order E if this article is available." (According to Google Translate .)

Amazon Germany 360 Arcade

The release date originally given for the new system is the third day of Gamescom 2010, which organizers refer to as "The largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment." The show has become increasingly important in the past few years. Were Microsoft to reveal a replacement for the current Xbox 360 Arcade, Gamescom would seem a likely venue.

There is also the matter of the 4 GB designation. Specifics on the memory have not been revealed, though it seems more likely to be flash memory than any sort of hard drive. The current Arcade unit contains just 512 MB of internal flash memory, which is required for running NXE.  Expanding that amount to 4 GB is certainly significant for consumers, enabling access to the games, demos, music, and movies available from Microsoft's online services. Of course, Microsoft no doubt also wants to ensure sufficient memory for Kinect, which requires a further 175 MB.

Finally, the unit is listed as a bundle. Though Microsoft has released annual Holiday bundles of the Xbox 360, generally including a pair of family oriented games, August seems rather early for such a release. August also seems premature for any kind of Kinect related bundle, given the motion-sensor's November 4th release date. However, Microsoft has stated that they would reveal Kinect's price by Gamescom. The one two punch of a Kinect price announcement and the reveal of a Kinect specific Arcade Bundle at Gamescom would be big news.

Ranters, what do you think about a new version of the Xbox 360 Arcade? Is 4 GB of memory enough for even the most casual 360 gamer? What do you think will be included in the bundle?

Source: Joystiq

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