Amazon Golden Box has Crazy Xbox 360 Sales Today

Today is going going to be a good day - especially if you're a 360 user. Amazon's Golden Box Deal theme today is 360 games, which means heavy discounts on a selected few Xbox games throughout the day. Bioshock 2? $40. Bad Company 2? It was just $46.50 in it's time window. That's right, there are time windows - they keep switching to different games, and they've left hints as to which games the discounts will be going to.

Let's take a look and see if we can help ourselves do two of our favorite things: play games, and save money:

  1. 12PM ET: "Prepare to journey to the darkest reaches of space in this RPG hit."This is pretty much a no brained - it's Mass Effect! [Now confirmed - for just $37.98!]
  2. 2PM ET: "BioWare's deepest universe to date just got bigger..."It sounds like a hinting at Mass Effect 2, but if they're talking the realm of RPG games, it could Dragon Age: Origins. Either way, it's good.
  3. 5PM ET: "Rock out with your Stratocaster."They're either hawking the Rock Band guitars, or hawking the game itself. Either way, you should get one of the greatest party games ever.
  4. 7PM ET: "A legendary war between two of science-fiction's most popular characters."Any sci-fi nerd should be able to get this one - it's gotta be Aliens vs. Predator. Is it a good buy? We reviewed it.
  5. 9PM ET: "Charge up your Xbox 360 controllers."That...that just isn't subtle at all. That's not event a hint! Clearly, it's FIFA 2010. No, wait, it's a controller charger.
  6. 11PM ET: "This hit franchise comes to life on Xbox 360."Now there's a subtle hit! What's a hit franchise that came to life on the 360? Oh, wait, that describes two shelves worth of games. No idea here, so we'll have to find out the hard way, at 11 PM.

Looks like a lot of intense games are going on sale. Head here to get the deals. Enjoy, my gaming brethren, for today is a day of awesome discounts.

Source: Joystiq

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