For months now gamers have been hearing rumors that Amazon is working on their own home console. Amazon knows it, we know it, and yet very few official details have surfaced regarding the device. And unfortunately that’s still true.

But, what we do have is the first unofficial look at the Amazon console’s controller, or at least what is rumored to be the Amazon controller. And, as it turns out, the controller sports a very familiar, yet blocky design.

The alleged controller images come courtesy of Zatz Not Funny who, in turn, grabbed the shots from Anatel, which is basically Brazil’s version of the FCC. They certainly look legitimate in so far as this is a competent controller design, but anyone could slap an Amazon logo on a third party controller and call it an official peripheral.

Still, there are some interesting things of note about the controller. For starters it features the offset joysticks of an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One controller, along with the more traditional bumper and trigger combo. There are three central menu buttons that bear a striking resemblance to the buttons on an Android device (Amazon’s console is rumored to be Android-based), along with a button for Amazon’s GameCircle service. and the standard media control buttons (play/pause, rewind, fast forward) along the bottom.

But what’s more interesting to consider is the controller’s design. Clearly, Amazon, or whatever company helped design their controller, is going after fans of the Xbox 360’s controller. That being said, this device looks a lot bulkier than anything Microsoft has put out. In fact, this controller has a lot in common with the OnLive controller, which, despite offering a lot of functionality in terms of its button selection, was not very comfortable to hold.

Again, these are just rumored images so it’s not fair to criticize them too harshly just yet. Perhaps these leaked images might help Amazon narrow down what gamers do and do not want out of a new controller, and they can then use that advice to perfect their own design. Or maybe this is just a fake — these are all possibilities.

What we do know for sure is that Amazon is preparing a home console competitor — likely Android based — and they have already scooped up developer Double Helix (Strider, Killer Instinct) to create games exclusively for their device. When they might say more, however, is anyone’s guess.

What do you think of the Amazon controller? Were you expecting something a little more radical?

Source: Anatel, Zatz Not Funny

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