Amazon Reveals Best Selling Games for Holiday 2013

Amazon Best Selling Games Holiday 2013

With the year 2013 finally coming to a close, many gamers and news sites will be creating their end-of-year lists. However, those end-of-year lists — look for Game Rant's in the coming days — are based purely on personal preference and not indicative of sales numbers.

In order to get a more accurate count of the most popular games, one needs only look to one of the most popular retailers, Amazon. Amazon's list isn't particularly shocking and only covers the holiday season, mind you, but it is interesting to look at nonetheless.

While the hottest TVs, toys, or CDs are interesting topics to pore over on Amazon's list, we, of course, are concerned with the video game category, which boasts three top sellers for the season. They are, in no discernible order, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Just Dance 2014, and Grand Theft Auto 5.

Although the games, by our estimation, are not arranged in any order, Amazon did highlight platforms for each title. In other words, Call of Duty: Ghosts didn't dominate sales simply because it is on the most platforms.

Speaking of Ghosts, the game sold the best (at Amazon) on the Xbox 360. Just Dance 2014 sold the bulk of its copies on the Nintendo Wii. And Grand Theft Auto 5 sold the best on Xbox 360.

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Overall, the list isn't too surprising, as both Ghosts and GTA 5 were top sellers for the year across all retailers. Similarly, the Xbox 360 has long been the platform of choice when it comes to multiplatform games. It is strange to think that Grand Theft Auto was once a PlayStation exclusive, though.

And even though the Wii U isn't hitting the same marks as its predecessor, and likely won't over the course of its lifetime, the Wii is still one of the best selling consoles of all time. It's in a lot of homes and consumers are still buying games like Just Dance 2014 for it.

As games start to move towards an all-digital future, tabulating complete sales tallies is going to become more and more difficult. And only those publishers who choose to will release their numbers. Yet, retailers like Amazon might still be able to gives us clues as to which games are doing well in the market.

Did you purchase either of these games over the holiday? Which games do you think were the top 3 best sellers overall?


Source: Amazon

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