That cat is out of the bag and it’s official now that Activision is having Beenox, the developers behind Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time, work on a movie tie-in game for Sony and Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man.

The poster for The Amazing Spider-Man revealed the game yesterday, confirming that it’s based off the movie, and today, the first teaser trailer for the game has leaked… and to everyone’s surprise, it looks bad-ass.

One of the biggest complaints of Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time is that Spider-Man can’t freely swing around the world. That’s what he’s all about and not letting players do that… well, that’s not good Spider-Man gameplay.

The Amazing Spider-Man however, as revealed in the trailer below, rectifies ALL of that. Watch Spidey do what Spidey does best:

The open world of New York is back! Spider-Man looks great and finally, players can web wherever they wish.

Video game movies and games based on movies suck. They just always do with very rare exceptions. This trend will change of course, but for now, that’s the sad reality of this particular industry cross-over.

One of the rare games to deliver a quality, fun and memorable experience however is that of Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man has the potential to do the same. Previously we speculated that Edge of Time was rushed out and its quality suffered greatly so Beenox can work on The Amazing Spider-Man. This isn’t exactly the case as during the panel at New York Comic-Con, Gerard Lehiany, creative director of Beenox, explained that there’s actually a separate team at the studio working on this game than those who worked on Edge of Time and the best part, The Amazing Spider-Man has been in development for over a year already.

Official details have yet to be released, but don’t be surprised to see star Andrew Garfield providing the voice behind the mask in the game.

Are you psyched for the game and/or the movie?

The Amazing Spider-Man film opens in theaters July 3rd and we expect the game on all major platforms to release in the same window.

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