If we were to come up with a list of movie tie-in games that we were actually looking forward to, The Amazing Spider-Man would certainly be at the top. That may not be saying much, but everything that’s been shown of the game so far has looked promising, to say the least. But for those fans of Spider-Man who may be waiting to see what the combat of the game will look and feel like before making their decision, the latest trailer should help seal the deal. Provided you’re willing to hear how PlayStation Move will be adding to the experience…well played, Sony.

So far a majority of the information surrounding The Amazing Spider-Man has been focused on capturing the webslinger’s signature acrobatic traversal methods, a goal the developers believe they have achieved thanks to the new Web Rush mechanic. A short glimpse of Peter Parker’s ability to interact with environmental objects during combat was provided in the previously released Iguana trailer, but the new Move spot offers a bit more actual gameplay footage.

The PlayStation Move functionality may not be as intuitive or as strong a simulation of webslinging as we’d like – seriously, what’s the hold up on a pair of Move-compatible gloves? – but the combat footage looks to introduce some interesting elements of recent third-person action games. Combining that with the well-established foundations of previous Beenox titles could be a big step forward.

Amazing Spider-Man Combat Trailer

The feature film that the game will be releasing alongside looks to delve into the darker aspects of Peter Parker’s ‘gift,’ which is something that we desperately wish to see in the game’s story. Even the best of Beenox’s releases have always stayed more cartoonish than grim, and even the most stellar gameplay innovation can’t make the same art style and sense of humor any less repetitive. The combat definitely contains more vending-machine-tossing than gritty introspection, but we’ll hold onto our optimism.

If the developers actually do manage to tell a more mature story to follow that told in the film, or at least add some grit or attitude to the combat, The Amazing Spider-Man could be a real success. The open world traversal trailer showed environments that blend the series’ original feel with some next-gen graphics, which could go either way for the finished product.

How much optimism do you think is warranted from the gameplay seen so far? Does this game seem to be too similar to Beenox’s previous work, or does there appear to be some serious innovation going on here?

The Amazing Spider-Man will be released on June 26, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and 3DS.

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Source: Siliconera