When making a Spider-Man game that truly captures the experience of being the web-slinging crime fighter it’s extremely important to give the sense that Spider-Man isn’t bound by the city of Manhattan, but rather it is his playground. To help emphasize that point, developer Beenox has released a new video for the forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, narrated by the game’s Executive Producer Brent Nicholas, that focuses entirely on the many activities the player, as Spider-Man, can partake in.

A lot of what is on display in the video is the same stuff we were shown during Activision’s Amazing Spider-Man presentation at E3 2012, but seeing it in action should better illuminate how it all works. One of the main differences in Beenox’s version of The Amazing Spider-Man, as compared to past iterations, is the placement of the camera. Rather than pull way back on Spidey, Beenox has chosen a much tighter frame to give a better sense of the momentum Spider-Man builds up while swinging.

Much in the same way the camera gives players the sense that they are Spider-Man, the game’s new Web Rush feature delivers that authentic Spider-Man movement. Rather than the basic swing from point A to point B, Web Rush allows for the player to leap, zip-line, and dash their way between various points in Manhattan. In essence, this is the best way Beenox saw to recreate Spider-Man’s “spidey sense.”

One thing you’ll also notice in the footage is Spider-Man’s new combat. Gone are the outrageous web-based moves, which have been replaced with a more melee-focused experience that does utilize a handy web or two. Working on The Amazing Spider-Man as a movie tie-in required Beenox remain faithful to Sony’s version of the Spider-Man universe, which is steeped in a certain sense of reality.

While Beenox told us during the live demo that the game would not be featuring an in-game HUD in the traditional sense, it appears that the Oscorp Phone seen in the footage will serve a similar purpose. It must be when the player enters a mission or side quest that all of the ancillary on-screen elements drop away.

Amazing Spider-Man Manhattan Playground Trailer

There’s a lot to like in The Amazing Spider-Man, as detailed by the preview, but there are still some causes for concern. Hopefully Beenox can break the movie tie-in curse and deliver a solid game that follows up the story in the¬†Amazing Spider-Man feature film.

What do you think of Beenox’s recreation of Manhattan for Amazing Spider-Man? Anything about the developer’s choice of features that has you wary of the final product?

The Amazing Spider-Man releases June 26, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and DS.