10 Amazing Playstation Games That Are Way Too Short

Games do not need to have hundreds of hours worth of content to be considered fantastic. In fact, it is often the short games that are the most interesting. They often take more risks in their mechanics, style, and narrative. When we beat them, we often wish they were longer. This can go from big-budget titles like Shadow Of The Colossus to indie titles like Gucamelee! However, it's possibly that shortness that made the team leave no room for error. Still, we can dream.

Here are ten short PlayStation games we wanted there to be more of.

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10 Journey

Journey is one of the most well known short games of all time. Playing the game is a meditative experience in which you play a cloaked figure that is trying to make its way to the peak of a mountain. Everything is about show and not tell, which leaves a lot to the players imagination as to what is actually going on.

It also took a creative stance on multiplayer, as you can play with strangers and help each other along your journey to the mountain. However, there is no chat feature so you often just chirp at each other and help out by sticking together. The simplicity feels wholesome.

9 Limbo

This puzzle game came out in 2010 and has a dark presentation that is almost film noir-like. Similar to Journey is has been put on the pedestal of an example that video games are an art form. As the title suggests, you are in limbo.

You play a nameless boy who wakes up at the edge of Hell and you escape monsters, explore the creepy areas, and try to find your missing sister. A lot of the plot has been left up to interpretation. The ending is vague and leaves players with a lot of questions.

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8 Inside

Released in 2016, Inside has become as Limbo's spiritual successor. The main character is also a little boy, but this time he is exploring a dystopian world rather than the edge of Hell. You have to run from masked guards, you see mind-controlled people, and plenty of what looks to be unethical science. The game also has two possible endings.

This is yet another short game that leaves a lot to interpretation. One popular theory is that the small child is mind-controlled.

7 Oxenfree

This game cuts away from the quiet and meditative style and goes more for dialogue and character choices. It is still a little dark though, with some pretty spooky moments.

It is very story-driven while also having no cutscenes. Unlike the previous games we mentioned, there is a lot of personality and interactions between the teenage characters. Basically the plot involves the group of friends closing an interdimensional rift. While the game is short, there is a lot of replay-ability due to the epilogue changing depending on the choices you make in the game.

6 The Order 1886

This game was a little less clean-cut than the others, as it actually received criticism for its shortness. This may be because short games are expected to be more artistic while this one was expected to be similar to action-packed adventure games like Bloodborne or Metal Gear.

However, the game has very good graphics and an engaging world. It's set in an alternate history if steampunk London. You play as part of an order of people who take down vampires and werewolves. While some critics found the game to be just average, there are players who fell in love with it and have played it multiple times.

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5 Little Nightmares

This short puzzle-horror game has you play as a little child named Six in a world of monsters. The style is whimsical but dark at the same time, sort of like an old Tim Burton film, which is something a lot of fans loved about it. While you can beat the base game in three to six hours, there has been DLC released. Fans have also praised the game for not depending on jump-scares and instead showing little creepy details that add more depth to the scary world around you.

Also there are adorable cone-headed people you can throw and they sometimes mimic you.

4 Firewatch

This first-person adventure game takes place in Wyoming and is absolutely gorgeous. You play as Henry, a guy on fire watch in the Shoshone National Forest whose watchtower gets ransacked. So you have the fun task of exploring the area and searching for clues. You also have a walkie-talkie to talk to your supervisor with some dialogue options.

You get to collect items you find in the wilderness, and there is a day and night cycle and as you progress through the story, you unlock new areas.

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3 Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus has gotten a ton of remakes since it came out on the PlayStation 2 and for good reason. It was a major stride in showing how video games can be art forms. You play a young man who brings a dead woman to a temple. He asks an ominous being called Dormin to bring her back to life. It promises to do so, but only if the protagonist kills a bunch of colossi around the land.

The battles, music, and story are unforgettable. If you stick to the plot instead of exploring, it is easily finished in a day.

2 What Remains Of Edith Finch

What makes this short game different from the others is that it works as an anthology of stories. What connects all the stories is that it explores the lives of different family members and how they died. You play as Edith who explores a house and discovers stories about her various deceased family members. Critics have called the game bittersweet as well as beautiful.

The reviews it gets on steam are very heartwarming, as people describe it making them want to ask about their long-deceased grandparents and so on.

1 Guacamelee!

This colorful  Metroidvania action-platforming video game takes place in a small Mexican village where you play as an agave farmer, Juan Aguacate who becomes a powerful luchador and goes on a quest to rescue his love interest from an evil charro skeleton.

While the game is short, is has gotten expansions and a sequel. It is loved by fans for its visuals, combat, and challenging difficulty.

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