Report: Amazon Working on Game Streaming Service, Launches in 2020

Amazon streaming service 2020 report

Online retailer Amazon is already a pretty big influence in the games industry. Not only does the retailer sell an incredulous number of games each year, but it also owns game live streaming platform Twitch. However, it seems that the online retailer isn't satisfied with this, as the company is said to be planning a game streaming service, too.

The reported Amazon game streaming service would use the retailer's cloud network of servers and would allow users to access and play a variety of games. The selling point of Amazon's streaming service is that it would allow users to play console games on their mobile devices, making the world of console gaming more accessible. The reported details also claims that Amazon plans to launch this service in 2020.

Amazon isn't the only company hoping to enter the game streaming space, nor is it the only company focusing on the mobile gaming demographic. Microsoft recently unveiled its Project xCloud, explaining that it will be ramping up efforts to make its library of PC and Xbox One games available on mobile devices (via streaming). The Xbox platform holder said that it hoped to make gaming media available everywhere, regardless of platform, just as music and movies are.

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Search giant Google has also thrown its hat into the ring with its Project Stream which lets people play games from their Google Chrome web browser. The service is currently in a testing period, but those who have used the service say that it offered them a smooth experience when playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

In addition to these companies, FIFA and Battlefield publisher EA has said that it wants to create a game streaming service, too. EA's service doesn't have a name, nor has it made tests available to the public, but it just shows that the game streaming arena is expanding.

As Amazon and the rest of these companies race to make their streaming services available, the competition is going to heat up. The retailer does have a massive potential market it can tap into - it has databases of info of both Twitch users and consumers that buy games. But whether it will offer an affordable price, a strong library of games, and the smooth gameplay experience needed to succeed is unclear.

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