P.T. Spiritual Successor Allison Road Hits Kickstarter

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Konami fans have had a really rough year. Thanks to the conflict between Konami’s star game developer, Hideo Kojima, and Konami itself, we’ve had to deal with the disbanding of Kojima Productions, as well as the cancellation of very exciting projects such as Silent Hills. One indie developer has recognized the desire of players to play a game like Silent Hills, and its precursor, P.T., and so they are forging ahead with a spiritual successor (of sorts) named Allison Road.

Allison Road is a first-person, current-gen horror game that has been clearly inspired by P.T., tasking players with exploring a house while dealing with the ghostly apparitions that plague it. Those that were impressed by the game’s prototype gameplay now have the chance to make sure Allison Road actually has a chance to see a release.

As announced last month, Allison Road is seeking funding through Kickstarter. The funding goal is $388,281, and as of this writing the developers, Lilith, have already raised nearly $25,000. 453 backers have supported the project so far, and with 29 days to go, there’s still plenty of time for the game to hit and exceed its funding goal.

Allison Road is confirmed for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One if it meets its minimum funding goal. The PC release is expected for winter of 2016, with the console versions releasing at the same time or a few months later, depending on how much money is raised for development.

So far only one stretch goal has been revealed for Allison Road, and that is to also port the game to Mac and Linux platforms. Those that wish to contribute to the development of Allison Road should please visit the Allison Road Kickstarter campaign page.

Allison Road Revives PT Silent Hills Style

Since it’s now impossible to download P.T., hopefully Allison Road will fill the void for gamers unlucky enough to miss out on the tease when it was first released. As a big fan of P.T. and its unrivaled creepy wonderment, it’s nice to see the concept revived by Allison Road, as well as through an easter egg in Metal Gear Solid 5.

With Konami halting AAA game development, it’s good that other developers are taking the ideas from Konami’s canned projects and creating new experiences with them. While it’s sad that we will never see Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills come to life in the way that P.T. teased, Allison Road looks like the best possible alternative for now. Those that are interested in playing a game similar to P.T. ever again should definitely consider contributing to the Allison Road Kickstarter page.

Allison Road is scheduled to release in winter of 2016 for PC. The release window of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game depend on how much money is raised on the Kickstarter; they will either come at the same time as the PC version, or they will release a few months later. If stretch goals are met, the game is also slated for release on Mac and Linux as well.

Source: GamesRadar