Allison Road Carries the Spirit of Silent Hills’ P.T. Demo

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The P.T. Silent Hills trailer was short and incredibly obscure, but it’s left a permanent, lasting impression on the gaming populace. Since Konami holds the rights to the Silent Hill franchise and Hideo Kojima has left the company, fans knew that only a similarly spooky game without the Silent Hill title could fill the void left behind by Silent Hills‘ cancellation.

Survival horror enthusiasts may be pleased to know that one UK-based developer is working on a game that may help to do just that. While much remains to be seen about the game, a new gameplay teaser feels remarkably reminiscent of the ill-fated Silent Hills.

The game, entitled Allison Road, is currently in the early alpha stages of development. Just like P.T., developer Lilith Ltd. is quick to point out that the gameplay video, seen above, may not bear many similarities to the finished product. However, Allison Road‘s similarities (and references) to the Silent Hills P.T. demo are striking. The game’s general description indicates that the game will play out over the course of five nights, as the playable character attempts to regain his memories and figure out what’s happened in his home. Just like the P.T. demo, the protagonist wakes up with no memory, and soon realizes that the home he’s in is slowly changing around him, and that he’s not entirely alone.

Lilith Ltd. has also made a direct reference to the P.T. Silent Hills demo in their Allison Road gameplay video. The playable character at one point picks up a magazine, turns it over, and reads a scribble that says “Dad was such a drag.” This is the same line that’s spoken at the beginning of the P.T. demo, and sometimes heard over the radio during certain circumstances.

Allison Road Revives PT Silent Hills Style

Unlike the Silent Hills demo, it looks as though the Allison Road game will provide their protagonist a little more control; he’s able to directly interact with many objects in the environment, and at one point equipping a meat cleaver as a weapon is even possible. While the gameplay footage bears many similarities to Silent Hills’, it’s somewhat of a comfort to know that players will have more direct control over their surroundings.

After the rumor that Microsoft had purchased the rights to Silent Hills turned out to be false, it seems as though Silent Hills will never see the light of day. While the series will continue without Kojima, there’s no telling if it’ll satisfy gamers. Thankfully, games like Allison Road are looking to pick up the mantle and should help to satisfy our urge to be terrified.

Allison Road is currently in production for PC, with a release date TBA.

Source: YouTube, Steam