Allison Road Kickstarter Goes Beyond the House

By | 1 year ago 

Lilith Ltd. updates the Allison Road Kickstarter campaign page, revealing that players are able to escape the house and explore a disturbing forest area.

Horror gaming enthusiasts that have been keeping a watchful eye on the Allison Road Kickstarter campaign will have noticed a new update that reveals what’s lurking beyond the “safety” of the house shown in the prototype gameplay trailer.

While some may have been under the impression that the entirety of Allison Road takes place in the creepy house shown in the trailer, it turns out that there’s also an even creepier forest to explore as well. Lilith Ltd. is promising that the forest will have major story and gameplay implications, and they hope it will bring a new kind of fear to the player.

“Anyone who was ever lost in – or for whatever reason spent a night in – a forest will certainly agree that it’s scary at hell. There are just so many uncanny shapes and sounds all around you. You can’t see anything, but you know you’re not alone out there. All things considered it’s obviously only in your head for the most part, but we really want to play with audio / visual queues, your imagination, and primal fears like threat to your life, isolation, abandonment, etc. to make it a truly memorable experience.”

The forest environment for Allison Road was revealed via three screenshots, which show that the areas outside the house will be fairly wide open, standing in stark contrast to the cramped corridors that have been shown off so far.

Check out Allison Road‘s forest environment in the screenshots below:

From what we’ve seen of it, Allison Road looks like it could be one of the scariest horror games in recent memory, and it should do its inspiration, the Silent Hills teaser P.T., proud. That being said, there’s a chance that the game may not even be released, as there are only 11 days left for the Kickstarter, with the developers needing to raise at least $103,000 more in order to fund the game.

It’s always a calculated risk whenever a developer seeks Kickstarter funding for a game, but considering the fervor surrounding Silent Hills and P.T., one would’ve imagined that a game hoping to emulate those scares would have no trouble receiving funding. Those that would like to see more horror experiences like P.T. should definitely considering contributing to the Allison Road Kickstarter campaign before the funding period ends, as there is a chance that it won’t be fully funded.

If successfully funded, Allison Road will release in winter of 2016 for PC, with PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game planned as well.