Lilith Ltd. announces the cancellation of the Silent Hills and P.T. spiritual successor Allison Road, promising a statement on the matter in the coming days.

Horror gaming fans have been through a lot this past year. First Konami cancelled Silent Hills, and then it removed the game’s playable teaser, P.T., from the PlayStation Store. Fan enthusiasm for P.T. and Silent Hills has led to some copycats being announced, but sadly, one of the more promising ones, Allison Road, has met a similar fate as its inspiration.

As announced by Lilith Ltd. on Twitter, Allison Road has been cancelled. As of the time of this writing, no further details on the cancellation are available, but an official statement is expected to be released within the next few days.

In the meantime, one can look at the history of Allison Road‘s development to see that the game has had a rough go about it ever since it began its Kickstarter campaign. Near the end of its funding period, it became clear that – despite the popularity of P.T. – Allison Road wasn’t going to meet its funding goal. Luckily for Lilith, Team17, the studio behind the Worms franchise, decided to step in and took over Allison Road publishing duties last year.

The announcement of Allison Road being picked up by Team17 is the last substantial piece of information fans have received of the game until now. During its Kickstarter phase, the folks at Lilith released regular updates of their vision for the game, including the reveal that Allison Road would feature a forest area for players to explore, but that communication with its community ended once Team17 stepped in.

Hi all. Sadly Allison Road had to be cancelled. Statement to come in the next few days. Thx for all your support and very sad it came 2 this— Allison Road (@AllisonRoad_HQ) June 5, 2016

Now that Allison Road has been cancelled, the future of Lilith is up in the air. It’s clear that the studio invested a lot in the project, and its inability to complete it may not bode well for its future endeavors. Of course, without knowing the specifics as to why Allison Road was canned, it’s hard to say if the relationship between Lilith and Team17 has been damaged or not as a result.

It will be interesting to learn exactly why the decision was made to cancel development on Allison Road. Perhaps the game was going over-budget, or maybe Lilith was struggling to meet development milestones. Until the official statement from Lilith is released, all one can do is speculate as to what brought about the demise of Allison Road.

No matter the reason for its cancellation, though, many horror fans will likely be upset to learn that Allison Road is no more. After Konami killed the Silent Hills project, fans were looking to spiritual successors like Allison Road to fill the void, but with it ceasing to be, horror fans are yet again left to wonder what could have been.

Allison Road was in development for PC before its cancellation.

Source: AllisonRoad_HQ