‘All Points Bulletin’ Could Be Saved With Hard Work

All Points Bulletin

All Points Bulletin, the open world game from Realtime Worlds that was inspired by the Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown franchises, did not do as well as hoped. APB servers officially shut down on September 23, 2010, as Realtime Worlds searched for a buyer. Even though the game is seemingly dead, Codemasters Online general manager David Solari thinks that things could turn around with "nine months of hard work". Could the fictional city of San Paro once again be filled with 'Criminals' and 'Enforcers' battling it out in urban warfare?Solari went to say the following on All Points Bulletin:

"[Realtime Worlds] made some key mistakes there. With some key stuff changed that game could be successful." ... "Somebody will... If they don't pick up the game then they will pick up the technology for sure, because the avatar and character customisation technology is incredible. Something will definitely be done to preserve that." ... "I do think the game could be turned around but it would need nine months of hard work. That game could have been successful but the cost of development and everything else was a huge thing. The money it had to make to support that was very high risk. If you could take a smaller team and make all the fixes and operate at a lower cost then it's fairly unique: there's not really anything else in the market out there."

Former Realtime Worlds Community Manager Ben Bateman joined Codemasters Online after his time with Realtime Worlds came to an end. Codemasters Online was among the companies potentially interested in picking up APB and bringing the game back to life with improvements that could turn the disappointment into success. Also, Epic Games, creator of the Gears of War franchise and the Unreal Engine, was rumored at being interested in the game's remains. Unfortunately for those hoping for the game's resurrection, nothing yet has been confirmed.

It seems as though people within the gaming community can see the potential in the game, which boasted a unique pay-per-hour system. However, when it comes to actually investing in the game's remains, companies are hesitant to put in the time and money required to salvage the game's mechanics and concept.

Those who still have the game installed were told that there may be a buyer and that the game's future is looking up, via an APB application launcher message. However, without any evidence of a buyer, the game's future remains uncertain.

Do you see good things in All Points Bulletin's future, Ranters? Or do you think it might be best to let this one fade into the night?

Source: Eurogamer

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