Alinity Says She's Not Getting Banned for Cat Incident

Over the last week a debate has raged in the gaming community over the actions of Twitch streamer Alinity. In a short clip from a recent stream, Alinity can be seen moving her cat out of the way of her monitor and seemingly dropping it behind her chair.

Shortly after the incident happened on stream, the clip was shared around the Internet, with many accusing Alinity of animal abuse and saying she threw her cat over her head. A follow-up clip was shared from a week ago in which Alinity consumes alcohol and then tries to share it with her cat by spitting.

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Needless to say, the clips drew a lot of attention quickly, with many asking Twitch to do something about Alinity. If nothing else, gamers hoped to see the streamer banned from the platform, but according to Alinity that is not happening.

In a message shared on her Discord server, Alinity reveals that no ban is planned by Twitch, despite a petition asking for her ban. However, she did suggest that some action would be taken against those who are harassing her for the incident.

Without an official statement from Twitch, it’s impossible to verify the validity of Alinity’s claim. But given that Twitch has yet to address the issue in any way – either via a public statement, a suspension, or a permanent ban – there is an assumption the company is simply going to sweep things under the rug.

This will surely be another bullet point on the longstanding debate over Twitch’s inconsistency when it comes to enforcing its rules. Different streamers have received different punishments for the same actions (like the use of racial slurs), for example, or in some cases, streamers have faced no punishment at all. Twitch even came forward with a new initiative centered around users holding it accountable when it comes to handing out punishments, but plenty of incidents of inconsistency have surfaced since.

Ultimately, Twitch is going to face criticism regardless of how it responds to the situation with Alinity, assuming that it responds at all. If a ban does come down there will be questions of why it didn’t happen sooner. But if Alinity is telling the truth and no ban is happening, then there will be plenty of community members left frustrated.

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Source: Reddit

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