Despite a lackluster response from critics, Rebellion studios wants a sequel to Aliens vs. Predator, calling their game a “critical success”.

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley had this to say on the game’s reviews (warning kids – strong language in effect):

“The reviews have been mostly good. We’ve had three totally shit reviews by some Americans, which is a bit odd. Some of them were inexcusably bad. If you discount those poor reviews AvP is averaging high for us.”

Numbers don’t really lie though, and MetaCritic ranks the game at a 73 for PC, 65 for Xbox 360, and 67 for PS3, and to me, those numbers scream “average” and “barely passing”, along with any other negative report card clichéd terms you want to add.

However, the numbers aren’t going to stop Rebellion from pursuing a sequel to their game.

“We’re also in discussions with Sega about ongoing support for AvP, and also about a sequel to the game. I won’t say what stage those negotiations are in, but we would love to revisit the franchise. Fox are excited about what we’re doing, and we feel we’ve added value to the franchise. [Rebellion] would love to work with Sega again…there were a lot of things we couldn’t fit into the original.”

I can’t blame Rebellion’s enthusiasm for wanting a sequel to a game they had spent a fair amount of time on, but therein lies the problem. If the game had such a long development time, why was it executed on a sub-par level?

I love both franchises and think they could offer a lot to the gaming world as the original Aliens vs Predator did on the PC all those years ago. I’m hoping that if a sequel is developed and released, that it will address the greater gameplay problems, rather than just fine-tuning technical issues.

What do I mean by gameplay problems? The game works, but it’s not very engaging – and rather than create longer campaigns, Rebellion opted to add in a hand-to-hand combat system that, in theory, sounds really great, but in practice, feels clunky.

I can’t sit in too much judgment though, I didn’t play through the full game yet, but from what I have played… I’m not exactly in a hurry to.

Source: Kotaku