The first person shooter that many have been waiting years for finally has a target date.Alongside a brand new trailer, Gearbox Software have finally confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be arriving in Spring 2012. That release date is still a long way off, but at least it’s coming for sure.

Aliens: Colonial Marines has seen its share of confusion after rumored delays and cancellations, but apparently all the speculation was for naught. Gearbox Software will be able to deliver the goods near the start of the next year.

Even better, the game will be on display at E3 this year, so gaming press will get a chance to see what Gearbox has been working on while applying the finishing touches to Duke Nukem Forever.

Check out the trailer below:


So what exactly will the story of Colonial Marines revolve around? As is to be expected in games like these, it all starts with an abandoned spaceship. The U.S.S. Sulaco is found orbiting LV-426, the planet that played home to the events of the first two films. According to the released details on the game, some investigation is in order:

Players lead a group of highly trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the deserted craft to uncover the fate of the crew. They will have to fight to survive unspeakable horrors and their own anxieties as they chase down the truth behind a galaxy-spanning deception that places humanity at the mercy of the most murderous and deadly species in the universe.

Sounds like the story will chronologically be taking place just after Aliens, but before Alien 3. Of course, the Marines have yet to find out about the Xenomorphs that inhabit LV-426, so it sounds like the game will be trying a slightly new approach to what made Aliens so special.

Unusually enough, what kind of galaxy-spanning deception could be occurring? Obviously, loyal fans of Aliens will remember how wormy corporate man Burke (played by Paul Reiser) tried to smuggle out one of the embryos using Newt. There’s no real benefit to having Xenomorphs run wild anywhere, except for the reason that they would keep Predators busy.

Happily enough, players will be able to wield M41A Pulse Rifles, Smart Guns, sentry guns, and flamethrowers against the horde. No word yet if commandeering a loading mech will be allowed.

First person shooter and Aliens fans alike will find themselves attracted to this game, and with Gearbox Software developing, Colonial Marines is likely to be detailed, immersive, and most of all, fun.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be releasing in Spring 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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