If there’s one thing Colonial Marines have never been good at doing, it’s surviving. But in Gearbox Software’s upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines, that’s exactly what players are tasked with. Yep, this isn’t going to end well for the Marines.

Sega released a brand new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer today, unveiling the brand new Survivor mode. As has come to be expected to similar game modes, Survivor places a group of four marines against an endless horde of Xenemorphs. Unlike the previously revealed Escape Mode, the objective is not to find an exit, but just to survive as long as possible.

Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Survivor mode is reminiscent of other “survival” games, such as Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor. Unlike most horde game types, players will be able to open up new pathways, rather than having to fight in a single, enclosed space. Gamers can weld doors shut or open them if necessary, place turrets to provide cover and, of course, use the series’ staple motion tracker to detect enemies.

Aliens Colonial Marines Survivor Mode Trailer

The trailer depicts different types of Xenomorphs, including a green, kamikaze creature. By ripping part of its face, the Xenemorph is able to explode and take out any nearby Marines. These come in addition to previously revealed enemies, which include the Bull Xenemorph and a Spitter. Both names are self explanatory.

While it’s great to see Gearbox putting so much effort into multiplayer, it’s also a bit worrisome. Mainly, in that we hope there aren’t too many – or any, for that matter – multiplayer trophies. Aliens: Colonial Marines is likely to be a commercial success for SEGA and Gearbox, but with so many multiplayer modes, the online community may be spread too thin. Another SEGA title, Binary Domain, put a large emphasis on multiplayer as well;  less than a year after launch, it’s almost impossible to complete the game’s trophy/achievement list. This is because not only are the trophies demanding, but there’s a lack of people playing all together. Basically, what we’re asking is for Gearbox to not include a “Play with a full party” trophy. Aliens Vs. Predator already did that, and no one wants to go through it again.

That being said, Aliens: Colonial Marines is looking fantastic, if this trailer is any indication. Graphically, the game looks great, and the variety in game modes – not to mention Gearbox’s dedication to the single-player campaign – should make this a must buy for Alien fans. Let’s not forget, they’re Xenomorph lovers too.

Plus, I still can’t get over how nice that M41A pulse rifle sounds.

Aliens: Colonial Marines releases February 12th, 2013, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. A Wii U version is in development.

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