They’re in the walls…and the floor…and now they’re on your face, killing you. Yes, the xenomorphs of Aliens: Colonial Marines might be one of the scariest creatures to have ever been created by a human mind. Brought to us in an original piece of art by H.R. Giger, 20th Century Fox took the ball and ran with it and gave us the Aliens franchise – as well as a game designed by Gearbox Software. How does it look? So far, very promising.

Definitely one of the most beloved sci-fi films and one of James Cameron’s most celebrated movies, Aliens has set the stage for the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines – which expands on the story and allows us to follow the space marines who have been dispatched to LV-426 to investigate.

Obviously, they run into the local population of xenos and things go down the drain from there. The first gameplay teaser for Colonial Marines gave us bits and pieces of gameplay – but nothing too substantial.

Happily, Gearbox has released a lengthy gameplay video, narrated by CEO Randy Pitchford, that will allow gamers to see the kind of work the company has put in to make the game accessible and as loyal to the franchise as possible.

So enough of the blabbering, watch the Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay trailer below and see what you think:


Co-op will most likely be a very important component to Colonial Marines, nobody wants to face a ton of xenos alone – but the experience will still be enjoyable as a solo venture. As a member of a squad of marines, it would serve you well to keep your team alive, lest you want to be ripped to death and acid-salivated on.

As this footage is a work in progress, there are still a few elements that raise questions: is there an ADS (aim down sight) option for the weapons, can you turn on/of the HUD, why didn’t the Pulse Rifle ammo count down when firing? The footage is obviously not finished so it’s likely we’ll see answers to these questions soon enough – and the game looks very cool. To see the world of Aliens realized again and followed up is a very exciting prospect = especially with Gearbox addressing certain elements of the film that remained unanswered.

Aliens: Colonial Marines releases in Spring 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC – with a release on Wii U scheduled for a future date.

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