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With Aliens: Colonial Marines preparing for release early next year, details have been steadily streaming out about the upcoming xenomorph-shooter.  Yesterday however, came a bit of bad press for developer Gearbox Software: a group of fans have started a petition after hearing that female characters won’t be available for online matches. The game was recently delayed until 2013, meaning there’s ample time to make changes if Gearbox decides to do so.

Gearbox producer Brian Burleson reportedly stated that even though the single-player campaign of Aliens: Colonial Marines will feature female characters, the multiplayer component to the game will be lacking any female representation. Fans evidently weren’t happy to hear this, and one gamer by the name of Melissa K. took it upon herself to start up a petition to try and get Gearbox Software to represent both genders equally in online gameplay.

Melissa, going by the online name of MOOSH89, simply stated some background on why women are an important aspect to the series for the petition:

“The ALIENS franchise started the first female action hero. Women are a big part of the ALIENS universe. The main character, the Queen Alien, the supporting female cast members, and even the United States Colonial Marines has many female marines, roughly close to the same number as men enlisted.”

The lack of female representation in online gameplay came as a surprise, considering the movie series itself broke gender stereotypes with actress Sigourney Weaver. In her role as Ellen Ripley, Weaver took on a ‘gender-traditioned’ role as the lead action star, and more importantly, did it better than anyone else could. With Sigourney at the head of the movie franchise, Alien quickly became a classic sci-fi series – meaning adding a female player is the least Gearbox can do to continue the legacy on one of the entertainment world’s most badass characters of all time.

Gearbox hasn’t responded to the petition or the criticism yet, but if the petition gets enough attention it wouldn’t be difficult to predict changes being made regarding the issue. Given that the campaign already features female characters, it evidently wouldn’t be too hard for Gearbox to go and add them into multiplayer.

We’ll let you know if anything happens regarding the the issue. If you’d like to sign the petition yourself, you can find it here.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for release on February 12th, 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and Wii U.

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Source:  CAVG