Gearbox Software, makers of Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, and Duke Nukem Forever will be hard at work creating the new Aliens: Colonial Marines title. Since you’ll be controlling space marines, it’s not a stretch to wonder whether or not the squad mechanics will be similar to Brothers in Arms (which featured fire teams and fire-and-maneuver tactics).

The short is answer is no. The long answer? Xenomorphs can’t be flanked, so why have squad mechanics at all?

After reportedly getting canceled, Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on duty to arrive on consoles in 2012. Early gameplay and story details have been made available, but most details for the title have been kept hush-hush.

Colonial Marines will be a pick-up-and-play kind of game. Squad members will still play a role in your team, but control over them will not be up to the player – here’s hoping Gearbox will create some great squad A.I. It looks like the design philosophy revolves around having as many players pick up the title and have fun with it as soon as possible. Players who enjoyed one of the Brothers in Arms titles may have had some difficulty in enjoying their experience fully, due to the sometimes complex orders required for fire teams. As a result,¬†Colonial Marines will be the opposite of that.

Both Gearbox Software CEO, Randy Pitchford and co-founder Brian Martel share their thoughts on how the game will be made more accessible for the masses.

Randy Pitchford

“We actually wanted it to be a very accessible experience. The goal is not to have complicated interfaces, we’re not worrying about having things like squad command, you don’t need fire maneuver… there’s no maneuvering on an alien.”

Brian Martel

You want to have a great experience when you’re by yourself, and you want to have a fantastic experience when you can play with your friends and share that experience. And those are the kind of things we want to make sure are a part of the game.”

Most first person shooters are inherently accessible. Pick up the controller, learn the controls, and put some fire on the enemy. While Colonial Marines is changing up the enemy to be one of the scariest things that has ever been imagined, fundamentals should stay the same – and Gearbox wants to drive that point home. It also sounds like they want the game to be accessible to players who don’t normally play first person shooters.

Hopefully, Gearbox’s enthusiasm in talking about the game won’t be there to bite them in the butt, but they’re usually a company who is committed to delivering a fun and engaging gameplay experience. Colonial Marines will be one to keep an eye on throughout the year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines releases in Spring 2012 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: OXM UK