'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Collector's Edition Detailed

Aliens Colonial Marines Collectors Edition Details

With game after game sporting musclebound space marines as heroes these days, it stands to reason that the franchise which helped create the stereotype should be able to do it even better than the rest.

The game in question is of course Aliens: Colonial Marines, which looks to put fans of the feature films into the boots and armor of the legendary xenomorph-fighters. A single image of the Collector's Edition of Colonial Marines was accidentally released earlier today, and fans who have been waiting years to see the game become a reality are sure to be pleased.

It would be fair to say that any version of Colonial Marines should be considered a collector's item, since the game has escaped near-death more times than it deserved. Now Gearbox Software has put their full support behind the project, and early looks suggest that the game is a faithful adventure set within the universe of James Cameron's Aliens. Sure, the developers have added brand new alien types into the mix, but all in the name of keeping things fresh.

It would be foolish to ignore the rich history of the films on which the game is based, so it seems the Collector's Edition of the game is set to bring a dose of nostalgia as well as in-game content. An image of the bonus goodies was released online today then quickly removed,  but not before the extra weapons and collectibles were revealed.

If there were any doubts that the developers had strayed from the movie roots, this should settle them:

Aliens Colonial Marines Collectors Edition Unboxed

The special release comes with one of the film's famous M240 Flamethrower, Smart Gun, upgraded M4A1 Pulse Rifle and bonus game mode based around a USCM firing range. Along with that digital content comes an impressive assortment of behind-the-scenes fiction and a resin model of a exoskeleton-clad colonial marine going toe-to-toe with one angry xenomorph. There's no word on price or availability since the edition has yet to be officially announced, but hopefully Gearbox will break their silence soon.

With as rabid a fan following as the feature films seem to have, and such a beloved placed within modern science fiction infuences, it's a safe bet that thousands of gamers have already committed to buying a copy. Review scores or gameplay footage of combat won't be swaying them anytime soon, but making the leap to the Collector's Edition of the game isn't as easy a decision.

Then again, if you've got a blank spot on your mantelpiece just begging for an exoskeleton figurine, consider yourself covered.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is expected to be released in the Spring of 2012 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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