Grab Your M41A Pulse Rifles 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Not Cancelled

Aliens Colonial Marines Not Canceled

Fans who were disappointed in the latest Aliens vs. Predator game (check out our review) may have reason to rejoice once more.

The Gearbox developed game, Aliens: Colonial Marines has not been cancelled and is still in production.

Alan Pritchard, SEGA West's Vice President of Marketing and Sales confirmed in an interview with Game Informer that Colonial Marines is still being worked on. The interview clip follows:

"Colonial Marines is still on. We've been working closely with Gearbox behind the scenes, and we'll be able to tell you a lot about that in the next couple of months. It won't be November 11th. We haven't announced a date yet. This was kind of a pickup for us, with Activision acquiring Vivendi and us having the Aliens license. With the state of the code available to us with Aliens vs. Predator from Rebellion, that kind of forced us and allowed us to slightly alter our Aliens roadmap and strategy. It made sense to release that first."

Could this perhaps mean Colonial Marines will be a better experience compared to the somewhat average AvP game that released earlier this year?

In addition, the next major release coming from Gearbox happens to be Duke Nukem Forever. From a marketing standpoint, it would make a ton of sense to want to release an incredibly anticipated game like that over Aliens. Despite the fact your xenomorph killing is going to have to wait until after Duke Nukem Forever releases, at least DNF will feature some extraterrestrial target practice to tide us over.

While it is good news to hear Colonial Marines isn't cancelled, it'd be great if more details do come out in "the next couple of months." However, two things are certain:

  • 1) There's going to be a lot of aliens between you and escape (or whatever objective you're supposed to accomplish).
  • 2) The M41A Pulse Rifles will be at your disposal - along with their beautiful sound effects.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be releasing some time in the future, maybe 2012 for possibly the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: Game Informer [via SEGA Bits]

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