'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Box Art Is Gorgeous

Aliens Colonial Marines PC Box Art

Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines has been in development for quite some time, but now we have at least some confirmation that development is almost complete: SEGA has revealed the game's box art.

When players pick up Aliens: Colonial Marines this Fall, they'll be treated to a lovely image of a Xenomorph head upon a white background, with the Marines superimposed onto the creature's skull. The box art image for the Wii U version has not been released, likely due to the fact that most Wii U details are still on lock down.

The box art itself looks stunning, and the almost minimalistic nature of the finished product is definitely eye catching. Gearbox Software could have just as easily gone with an image of marines shooting up hordes of Xenomorphs, but instead chose to go with an image that is usually best left for collector's editions.

Surprisingly enough, this does seem to be the same image that was revealed alongside Aliens: Colonial Marines's collector's edition. Hopefully that means the previously leaked edition is the real deal, and this box art is able to grab the consumer's attention as more than yet another "game with all of the guns on the cover."

Have a look:

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What may be the image's best feature is the feeling of isolation it conveys, and unlike most North American box art, this isn't too crowded. While reflect the feelings of the Marines as they explore the derelict USS Sulaco - which players will no doubt share while playing - having a recognizable profile that still screams 'cool' will hopefully ease the minds of serious fans. Maybe we're thinking too artistically...

In any case, Aliens: Colonial Marines seems to be shaping up well. If the game keeps with the tone of the latest cinematic trailer, then Gearbox may just have another hit on their hands. Let's just hope it manages to exceed the bar set by Aliens vs Predators, for the sake of everyone who has been waiting patiently.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will release in Fall 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. A Wii U version is also in development.


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